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Featured in Equipment World magazine - May 2012 issue

1-75 Bridge Replacement to beginning in Spring of 2012 - $400,000

Ford Motor Company, Lima, OH began December 2011 to be completed March 2012 - $900,000

Honda of America Transmission Plant, Anna, OH started April 2011 to be completed April 2012 - $4.2 million

Kohl's Distribution Center, Findlay, OH began April 2011 completed December 2011 - $2.5 million

Finalist for Contractor of the Year in Las Vegas, NV - March 2010



The work on this City of Lima project consists of the construction of a railroad bridge to carry the CSX Railroad and the Norfolk & Southern Railroads where they cross East Vine Street. We will construct two temporary shooflys for the railroads to run on while the existing tracks are removed, the excavation for the underpass is completed, the bridge is constructed and the existing utilities are relocated and demolished. The project also includes reconstruction and relocation of storm sewers, combination sewers, waterlines, existing city streets, electrical feeds, telephone service and other existing utilities in the area.